Strangers have said to me unprompted

Tuesday, 23 March 2004

Please don’t kill me, sir.
Boise, ID. A 20 year-old male skater type. No idea why he thought I might. I didn’t.
What’s your fucking problem?
’Burque, NM. I had some copier toner in my eye. The homophobic moron thought I was winking at him.
Oh, we got a real badass here.
UNM. He and his football player buddy were verbally harassing CM and me, and wanted it to go further. I took off my earrings and watch. CM sat grinning. They backed down.
Oh, my God. You’re beautiful.
Downtown Seattle. Her friend physically stopped her from following me down the street.
Fuck Reagan.
Venice, Italy. Don’t know what reaction he expected—he was probably pleasantly surprised.
Hey, Barnaby.
UNM. My name isn’t Barnaby. We don’t even look alike. Except maybe that we’re both white, you hypocritical prick.
Can I see some ID?
Cops. All over the US, Lord love ’em. If this is the treatment an edge of the curve hair cut gets you, I can’t imagine what it’s like having an edge of the curve skin tone.

I have said to strangers, with prompting

Seems like an awful long walk for such a short fight.
’Burque, NM. To CM’s little brother who inquired if I’d care to step outside.
You’ve got a pretty big fucking mouth for someone your size.
Downtown Seattle. Turned out he had a HWP automatic though. The only loss on the balance sheet today.
It would probably fit too.
Arroyo Hondo, NM. The operant had just offered to “stick his dick” in Cort’s ear as a way to settle a debate.
Can I help you, officer?
’Burque. To the cops who coasted their cruiser behind me one night for a block, perhaps thinking to get me to run and put the beat down on me. When I stopped and walked to the car to ask the question, they gunned it out of there.
Are you sure you want to do this?
UNM. To 5 drunk frat guys who politely invited me to tussle. The only semi-sober one mangaged to head them off and corral them back at the House.
I fucked your mother.
All over the place. I have no idea why men get so upset at me that their mothers have such difficulty remaining upright.
But truthfully it’s because I just can’t stand screwing around. Do you want to fight, or what? I’ve got things to do.
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