10 steps to solve the problems with America

Saturday, 27 March 2004

If we only can find the courage to deal with these 10 issues, America will become a paradise.

#1 The media. They’re out of control. Advertising pays for them to print and air so they are never completely honest or fair. They’re paid not to be. They shouldn’t just be allowed to say anything they want because, as we’re learning the hard way, they often fabricate the news. There needs to be more government oversight of media and what people are allowed to say to the public in general.

#2 Hand guns. These weapons are too dangerous and too easy to get. It needs to be illegal to own guns.

#3 There is a chance that terror will return to the American shores, and soon. We need a law to ensure that troops can mobilize anywhere in the US and count on having housing and board available.

#4 It’s too difficult for local and national police to fight terrorism and crime when they can’t even investigate it. We need to have sweeping changes to make it legal for the police to investigate crime. Why do the criminals have more legal protection than the victims?

#5 In addition to it being too difficult to investigate, it’s too difficult to interrogate. Think of all the lives that could have been saved if only the courts and police were allowed to compel testimony. We must make getting the truth easier if we ever expect to have truth.

#6 Trials. Trials are bungled or plea-bargained down to nothing because they are required to run too quickly. There’s too much pressure and too much expense. If a defendant cannot afford an attorney, why should the taxpayers pick up the tab? Self-representation is a great American tradition and it should become law. Doing something in a hurry means doing it half-assed. If it takes something a little longer to come to trial so much the better.

#7 Juries. Juries are often not educated well enough to understand the decisions they make. They’re not professional court employees and we can’t expect them to rise to that level. Jury trials have glutted the court system and are slowing America from ever having a real sense of justice. Judges are experts and already make decisions on their own or with their peers. Jury trials are unnecessary and unreliable—they should be abolished.

#8 Crime is worse than ever in America. Yet it’s very low, almost unheard of, in many Islamic countries. The only real difference is the penalties for crime. If we want crime to end, we have to be realistic about what it will take. A drug dealer kills his customers—murder—and destroys the fabric of society. There is already a death penalty for senior drug traffickers. There should be a death penalty for street level drug dealers. High fines and corporal punishment for misdemeanors and lesser felonies would also help return America to the garden.

#9 We need to spell out the rights of everyone to protect us all. Only when we have a formal, legal list of exactly what is and what isn’t a person’s rights will we be safe.

#10 Finally, the states have too much power. Look at this gay wedding mess. It shouldn’t be legal to go to whores in one state, get high in another, and get married to your same-sex cousin in a third. We need to create a normalized code of law for the whole country and stop letting maverick states create their own little chaotic fifedoms.

Hope for the persistence of America

I hope. I hope you didn’t. I hope you’re not that stupid. I hope their rhetoric is as transparent to you. I hope you see that even dropping one of them means losing the other nine becomes that much easier. I hope you see that it’s a tapestry that’s beautiful but aged and wearing thin in spots. Don’t go pulling threads in it—you will find much more unravels than you expect and that weaving it back together isn’t possible.

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Mad Dog

Re: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

If you are not joking, then you have to be the world's biggest fucking idiot.

By Mad Dog on 9 May 2007 · 22:43

A is A

Re: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

And if it is ironic, what might that then imply (besides a Gunning fog impedance mismatch)?

By A is A on 9 May 2007 · 22:52


Re^2: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

lol omfg your so right i read #1 and #2 and went to look at the comments and this summed up my thoughts instantly. im going to go and finish reading this joke now XD

By cpetersjr on 7 July 2009 · 20:27

Luna Ghoti

Re: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

Are you serious?
Your suggestions are all direct violations of the United States Constitution. The first ten ammendments, and what is this? Are they in order? It's a shame that we have that freedom of speech, otherwise, I believe you would be shot for treason.

By Luna Ghoti on 2 October 2007 · 16:08

A is A


It’s also a shame we have public schools. Otherwise you would have got the message of the piece. The short form of which being: only an aspiring slave ever bemoans the Bill of Rights or wishes one part could be repealed so he could get a little satisfaction at the cost of another’s life or liberty.

By A is A on 2 October 2007 · 18:18


Re: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

I was in an interesting (and good spirited) debate a few years ago about inherent rights and constitutions protecting them. My position as a decentralist is that once you start codifying them beyond a few general principles, then you've opened the door to restricting them. The ideal is expanding them, learning how to live with that, and expanding them some more. Let the unwritten practices come into daily use -- until eventually the codification gives way to customs and traditions and violation of rights becomes tremendously difficult to conceive.

That being said, I fully support these proud ten steps, and the spirit in which they've been proposed. Through less, we will have more, as everyone knows, and through the vigorous, endless prosecutions of the transgressors, we will live in harmony. Yes, it sounds counterintuitive. Oh, I do know that much. But I stand with Ashley on this, now more than ever.

By Vagrant on 2 October 2007 · 23:38

Shroom Duke

Re: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

WOW! You gotta be smoking the NeoConCrack! HOW ABOUT INVESTIGATING THE 935 FALSE STATEMENTS IN THE RUN-UP TO WAR... http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/01/23/bush.iraq/index.html

or The Political Trial of Don Siegelman

or WAR PROFITEERING & the Valery Plame case, the CORRUPTION of the Department Of Justice, ABUSE OF POWER, C.I.A. Destroyed Tapes of Interrogations, bush & cheney FISA crimes, Chinese Ownership of American Debt = $900 Billion, thousands of Americans DYING because of NO Health Care, OUTSOURCING AMERICA'S DEFENCE, SUB-PRIME LOAN SCANDAL, THE SELLING OFF OF AMERICA, DUBAI PORTS DEAL, IGNORING IMMIGRATION LAWS AND THE LOOTING OF AMERICA, there are too many scandals & crimes to mention here... SO NO... BURNING THE CONSTITUTION IS NOT THE ANSWER!

By Shroom Duke on 6 March 2008 · 12:59

A is A

Re^2: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

How on Earth did I miss this gem? … Um, keep fighting the good fight, buddy!

By A is A on 19 April 2008 · 17:24


Re: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

I'm srry to say that if anybody finds your website and the happens to dislike it as much as i do....you better hope to god they don't find out where you live....
yours truly, jasper

By jasper on 2 February 2009 · 15:39

A is A

Re^2: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

Oooh, ooh, ooh! My first death threat!

I’ll bite.

1) The piece is ironic. Admittedly you have to be of above average intelligence to get that…

2) If you’re rly srry t say it, why did you say it?

3) Your IP name is adsl-__-___-___-___.dsl.snantx.swbell.net. And now the hoping to God—deep in the heart of Texas—can begin in earnest.

By A is A on 2 February 2009 · 17:51


Re^2: 10 steps to solve the problems with America


By FREEDOM on 4 February 2009 · 13:39

A is A

Re^3: 10 steps to solve the problems with America


Recycled QWA #7: communism. Additionally, it’s spelled “commie.” Though you missed a couple others too that seems the most on point.

By A is A on 4 February 2009 · 18:35


Re: 10 steps to solve the problems with America


(yes, that's the extent of my wit)

By jody on 5 February 2009 · 01:04

A is A

Re^2: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

You spelled “lol” right. I don’t think a couple of our other players could have managed that. :)

By A is A on 5 February 2009 · 18:32

John Dough

Re: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

I "got it" by the time I finished #3.

Some of the responses here leave me bewildered.

By John Dough on 22 April 2009 · 00:23

A is A

Re^2: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

You and me both, sister. They deserve a little benefit of the doubt though as that particular style of double talk is all but the native American tongue now. IQ tests don’t need to include spatial relationship differentiation; just put a little irony on paper and two check boxes.

[ ] That upset me.

[ ] That was pretty damn funny.

By A is A on 22 April 2009 · 15:12

Chris Jensen

Re: 10 steps to solve the problems with America

Where is my shot gun get the fuk off my property, and bust people not groups.
What we need is no more welfare unless your metal, and more personal responsibility.
Cops that do their job instead of stick'in it to you, and demanding respect and not giving any.
America is turning Americans into pussy's (conform or goto jail)
btw your 10 ideas are kinda retarded.

By Chris Jensen on 23 July 2009 · 14:54

Sid Huguenin

Re: 10 steps to solve the problems with America


You propose to take away my sister's freedom to defend her children and herself. It is fookish to say that guns are dangerous. People can be dangerous, but not a bathtub or a fork or a knife. The LAW can influence the acts of some people, law abiding people, but not others. A law forbidding possession of a gun will result in the law abiding people disarming themselves. Those who are not law abiding will not turn in their guns. The existence of people who do not obey the law is the reason that the other people need guns.
Are the decent people of the world to be made helpless in the presence of people who are not?
To defend even you, the use of a gun can be appropriate.
I will not give up my option to defend .

Sid Huguenin

By Sid Huguenin on 11 November 2011 · 15:26