Sherlock says

Friday, 2 April 2004

All your base are belong to us could have been worse. It could
have been:

Western calendar 2101 fight started.

Captain: Just that how it did, word you bore!

Engineer: No person it seems that it could set up the explosive according to.

Communication operator: Captain! Communication entered!

Captain: No!

Communication operator: Vision comes to the main screen.

Captain: As for you!

CATS: Don’t you think? Busily so is, the ladies and gentlemen.

CATS: With the cooperation of the Federal Government troop, everything received your base.

CATS: Also your warship, gradually probably is end.

Captain: Foolish…!

CATS: You appreciate in your cooperation.

CATS: Before making the life which at the very most remains and is little, important…

CATS: Ha-ha-ha-ha…

Communication operator: Captain…

Captain: In ZIG all machine takeoff instruction!

Captain: Already, only you entrust to them.

Captain: Our future desires…

Captain: It is the ZIG!

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