Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos

The year was 1988. Walking with James on patrol one night we talked politics. I remarked that basically every president since Teddy was a disappointment as I saw it and that most of them had seriously harmed the country; financially or morally or both.

He said, “Well, who would you put in office?”

I said, “A businessman.”

He said, “Interesting. How about Donald Trump?”

I said, “No way.”

In ’88 the billion dollar hairdo was a household word along with Ivana. It was a couple years before his supernova bankruptcy but I could smell the stink of failure and corruption on him. A true accidental billionaire; not in any Jobsian sense of bringing something to the game beyond a more charismatic than average, “I’d like to show you a bridge.”

“Who then?”

“I don’t know.” Four years later, I found out who.

The last time I voted for a president I voted for Perot. 19% of those who turned out voted for Perot so that’s only a shock to about half of you nit-wits.

A slick talking serial adulterer won the election with 4 out of 10 votes (with 5 out of 10 voting; making it fully 23% of America that put him in the big chair). Do you get that? If you asked 10 people on the street in 1993, Did you vote for Clinton? 8 of them would have said, No.

He wasted a lot of time and money by lying about his pecker at work. He did other things like sign 50 new death penalty crimes into law that were targeted at blacks and Hispanics and sitting by, suppressing the information, while there was French assisted genocide in Rwanda yet somehow he was the “black president.” What a brother does to a brother, right?

Perot massaged a couple thousand dollars into a couple billion as a businessman. In other words, he wasn’t a fuck-up like Trump and George2. He could manage money. He is also the only corporate head I’m aware of who sponsored a successful international rescue of hostage employees. Remember the embassy employees who spent 444 days behind blindfolds at the Tehran Comfort Inn? Perot’s players came home without giving guns to terrorists. He was heroic, successful, and dirt free.

But he was short, had a squeaky voice, and wasn’t attractive. So fuck him, right?

I was gonna vote for Dean for president. I didn’t entirely like him. His politics are way too Left for me. But he was a good governor on the balance sheet and he doesn’t stink like a professional politician. He was angry; like anyone who isn’t is a moron. He was legit.

Legit doesn’t play anymore. It’s a fucking joke to CNN and most all y’all. So be it.

Kerry is a professional politician. A flipping switch. A public barometer. For war? Okay, go to war and kill people. Gimme that gun, I can do it myself, for 4 months anyway. Against war? Okay, come home and throw someone else’s medals at the White House. Time for war again? Okay, vote war! A few times. Against war again so soon? I hate war. He missed the last half year of work because he was looking for a new job. He is a member of most of the same clubs as the current president you seem to believe is so different.

We talked about it before. Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. You can say, “Oh, I’m just being practical.” You’re just practically being a Nazi.

You think most of 1938 Germany wanted to exterminate the Jews and annex Poland? Fuck no. They just wanted jobs and to feel safe. Ring any bells?

You wouldn’t let Dean get there because somehow you thought he couldn’t beat Georgey. I suppose maybe he couldn’t have but he would have got at least one vote Kerry will never see.