To that starlet or–

Friday, 17 December 2004

My “friend” Barnaby, aka CM, is sort of from LA. I say sort of because I don’t like a single damn person who is from LA and I have to mitigate it somehow. I guess the amount he’s not from LA approximates the amount that I like him after all. ANYWAY.

Absolutely everyone in LA is almost famous or better (and none of them walks). Because this is true, Barnaby introduced me to Billy Bob Thornton one night. I’m sorry I didn’t know who he was to become then. It would have been more fun. It was 1990 or so.

To that starlet or pouting aficionado of other people’s children thinking of getting back together with him, I would like to remind you. The night I met him he was all over the 17 year-old exchange student from Rome we were bringing back from the beach with the others. He picked her out of a van full of teenage girls. Stop pretending like you didn’t know it before I told you.

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