Douche of the year: George W Bush

Sunday, 19 December 2004

Before you trot out the Phyllis Schlafly Strap-On™ to celebrate with a weekend of WASP-style hedonism I’d like to remind you—your memory does seem to be slipping lately—of other entries on Time’s “Person of the Year” roster.

  • Yasser Arafat and FW de Klerk
  • Ken Starr
  • Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Deng Xiaoping
  • Richard Milhous Nixon
  • Teng Hsiao-P’ing (pre transliteration spelling reform)
  • Ayatullah Khomeini
  • King Faisal
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Nikita Khrushchev
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Adolf Hitler

So, yeah, I do suppose he earned it. First thing he ever did earn.

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