Bush is not Hitler

Wednesday, 29 December 2004

Bush is not Hitler

There are a few reasons why I really must insist you stop equating George W Bush with Adolf Hitler. I apologize if it seems like I recently did the same. It was only for the punchline.

It’s offensive.

Hitler was directly responsible for the torture, enslavement, and slaughter of millions of people. He sparked fires that caused the deaths of 10s of millions more. You know how they showed the photos of soldiers killed in Iraq on 60 Minutes? If they showed the dead from WW II, the show would need a name change, say, 12,000 Hours.

Those people didn’t perish to become a convenient metaphor for your crappy little editorial. And as long as there is a single death camp survivor alive, if you say it in front of me, I will be hard pressed to stay out of prison.

It reveals your ignorance of anything that predates Friends.

What did Lyndon Johnson do? Who was the president who also executed a soldier for desertion? How many times did Nixon lose the presidential election? Which party was infamous for voter fraud? Why were the American hostages in Tehran freed?

In 50 more years the 8 that we’re slogging through now will be less memorable than the 15 minutes a pudgy intern spent on her knees.

It’s completely out of scale.

Hitler forced most of the countries of the world into war; from the end of Africa and the depths of Asia to the top of Finland and ’round the Sargaço sea. He altered the world in ways that have taken 60 years to get over and they’re still not gone.

Bush has done a little economic damage. A handful of soldiers above the peacetime norm have died on his watch. He’s been responsible for the deaths of Iraqis approximately equal to 1/6th of the number his father killed. In short: he’s a total underachiever, nowhere near the league of earth movers like Hitler or even petty pseudo-despots like his dad, Reagan, or Clinton.

Your bullshit, self-centered, Gen-Y hyperbole may pop you a metric-scale stiffy when you say that your crappy Friday night was the Bhopal disaster all over again, but it’s not true and you only feel like it is because you’re a fucking upper middle class sociopath.

Until the Democratic party is abolished or someone you know is executed for a “Fuck Bush” bumper sticker, it’s an exponential difference in scale. Come back to reality where mole-hills are mole-hills.

It undermines salient points.

You: Bush is a terrible President.
Me: Testify.
You: Bush broke the law and trampled on the Constitution by occupying Iraq.
Me: Amen.
You: Therefore, Bush should be impeached.
Me: Hallelujah!
You: And also because Bush is Hitler.
Me: What?! I guess all your other points are nonsense because only a moron would put forth that puddle of dog waste.

It makes you an ass-biting coward.

If you really think Bush is as bad as Hitler, or even close, it would be your duty to humanity to stop him. At any price. If you think he’s Hitler and you’re not out at auntie Em’s practicing day and night with a Remington 700 on an empty case of Bud to be ready the next time he’s in your capital, you’re a coward. And you’re not, so you are. Eat the crow and let it go.

It’s only four years and you could have a law degree and a local political office or your own PAC by then if you really care.

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Re: Bush is not Hitler

Freedom of speech means we can exagerate and say what we want so don't insult people for downing on government shut your mouth and get over it we can say what we want Bush IS a terrorist and always will be guess what FUCK BUSH and I won't be executed because it's my freedom to say it and as far as saying people who say that should be executed and I quote "Fuck You" for attempting to suggest that our freedom of speech should be punishable as we already lost enough freedoms to our government which has for a while and will continue to get worse as far as power hungry dictators go!

By inurface on 27 June 2008 · 07:01

A is A

If u cn rd this u cn gt urslf a blg

Amazingly argued! I have never seen so succinctly put such compelling arguments both for school vouchers and forced sterilization.

By A is A on 2 July 2008 · 10:20