QWA #3: tiger vs bear

Sunday, 23 January 2005

Queries from the Weblog Addressed
can a tiger kill a bear?
A bear, specifically the Kodiak subspecies of brown bear, aka grizzly, can be more than 1,500 pounds of ground shaking muscle.
A tiger, specifically the Siberian subspecies, can be more than 675 pounds of silent death in a fur coat.
So, at first blush you might suspect the bear has the upper hand. But size isn’t always the final arbiter of physical confrontation. Cats are natural born killers with one of the least efficient digestive systems in the animal kingdom specifically because they are so good at killing that they don’t have to worry about how long a meal lasts. Bears on the other hand are more prone to scrapping, and the surreal amount of hot lead that it can take to bring down a Kodiak is well documented.
Unless it’s a large grizzly, my money’s on the tiger. If it is a grizzly, it might go the bear’s way but that will be one sorry ass looking, one-eyed gimp bear if it gets out alive.
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