I was bent on destroying the world this morning

Friday, 28 January 2005

I guess I’m out of words for calling someone stupid. I am sad.

This guy on the bus this morning was lecturing another guy on the bus this morning about what a mess Arizona is and how when they started it the company wasn’t really doing any Java so of course it was a mess. The guy on the bus telling the other guy what-was-what apparently didn’t start at Amazon till after Arizona’s predecessor, Atlas, was dead and flushed.

Atlas was a monochromatic, multi-million dollar experiment in just how really awful Java can be. 18 months to 22% code complete. 80% user abandonment rate in favor of a quite difficult set of command line tools because the UI was so bad and it was so, so, so slow. Anyone who has the words Amazon and Atlas on his or her resume in the same entry should not be considered for employment anywhere but the DMV. In fact, if the statute of limitations hasn’t passed, you might even consider dropping a dime.

Then on the way home a couple things happened. I didn’t have drinks with Peter Keating. A cop was nice to me. And someone on the bus was reading a book that was about loving life and not being a thief.

Now it’s okay. You’re all safe again. I can even enjoy these phenomenally Anglo enchiladas without getting the least bit upset.

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