An excerpt from my latest romance novel

Saturday, 12 February 2005

“My, God! I just love blogging,” said Joy.

“Me too,” tooted Peter, “We should write about blogs.”

“You don’t have to tell me,” said Joy putting a hand up like a traffic cop. “That’s all I write about already.”

Peter chuckled. “Fantastic! The only thing I love more than blogs is reading about blogs.”

Tell me about it. It’s sooooo past second system effects.”

“It’s such a cool meme the way blogging about blogging has spread,” Peter reflected.

“Yeah, it’s a whole new paradigm, cascading and creating virtual neural paths.”

“Agreed. It’s like we’re right on the edge of its tipping point. It’s all about emergence now.”

Peter overcome with nostalgia said, “Remember that thing I did in ’99 that everyone still talks about?”

“Mostly it’s just you that’s still talking about it, Peter!”

They both laughed and sipped their lattés.

“Oh, I’m working on a service to show bloggers blogging in real-time,” said Joy. “It could leverage the political power of the bloggerati.”

“Wow, like a webcam but without all those distracting nipples and stuff,” mused Peter. “I, myself, am working on a series of blog entries from public locations.”

“Like a missionary among the proletariat? I love it. If we can reach the saturation point, I just know blogging will become the preeminent force for informational dispersion. True anti-idiotarianism!”

“Information is power,” Peter said pointedly.

“Then, boy, are we powerful. No one knows as much about blogging!” Joy giggled and for a moment thought she’d had a tiny orgasm.

Excerpted from Mono-medium Macro Mutual Masturbation in Perspective-Free Contexts: a tale of rubbing each other’s tails. It’s the hotly anticipated sequel to my phenomenally successful sophomore effort Stochastic Teleology: the Astrology of the Bloggerati.

I do hope you’ll grab it when I bring it out this Fall. It’s a great, big stocking stuffer.

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