QWA #5: celebrity

Thursday, 17 February 2005

Queries from the Weblog Addressed
Billy Bob Thornton actor obsessive compulsive disorder
Can’t speak to that but can assert this.
hitler was the devil
No, he wasn’t. The fact that anyone can think so is proof of how much danger the world is in for coming decades. It hides the fact that otherwise ordinary human beings are capable of gargantuan evil, and small-minded fools who forget this are willing conscripts to the legion just waiting for the high sign.
how old is ann coulter
Revelation is not specific on the matter but it does indicate she is quite the equestrian.
How to make a nuclear bomb to kill Bush.
Has not one of you morons ever heard of an AR-15 or a Remington 700? What kind of Home Ec classes are public schools running nowadays that kids don’t know how to budget realistically for their dreams?
chomsky iq
With the frequency this turns up, it sounds like a few fans are just a wee bit defensive about the intelligence of the hero. I wonder if the semantics of Cambodian are set at birth as well. Anyway, Chomsky may well have a high IQ, at least as high as some other rather clever historical figures like Dr Josef Mengele or even Dr Condoleeza Rice, God bless her sweetened condensed heart.
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