The anti-Christ, the anti-Christ, the anti-Christ … the anti-Christ

Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Maybe Pope vs Symbology when God catches up on his schedule and goes out of love mode back to full on wrath and cuts loose His terrible fury for the first time since He popularized infanticide in Egypt, gays who marry will go to the low place as the Pope recently opined. Or maybe some of the biblical scholars who rightly note that Revelation seems to describe the 7 hills of Rome as the home playing field of the anti-Christ have something.

Anyone who has studied either art history or Catholic symbology knows the dove is not the symbol of peace. For the Church it is the symbol of the Holy Ghost. The third of the divine Trinity with Father and Son. Anyone knowing this and seeing the dove incident recently was either horrified or laughed till I had to put my jeans in the wash, depending on one’s state of grace.

The Pope spastically swatting at a dove is the symbolic equivalent of him urinating on a cross or using the Old Testament for toilet paper.

Just saying.

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