I’ll get around to you, just wait your turn

Monday, 28 February 2005

In the spirit of cross-pollination, freak! and giving in (or up? or around? or between? I’d like to give beneath) I take my cue from my dear friend from Nantucket, Jody Cairns neé McVeederschnauser.

Without further gauche wallowing in English’s garish wealth of prepositions, a list, not of those never to be, but of those that would if only.

  • I didn’t cry about any of it till my cat got her eye knocked out
  • Things drunk Chinese girls have said to me
  • Steve Pool, Arch-Nemesis
  • The Geneva Convention for morons
  • What Chris said he’d do for $14/hr
  • Secrets I’m weary of keeping
  • Happy Hitler Day!
  • Did I SAY “haploid,” motherfucker?
  • I used to have a friend called _____: #1–#117
  • The US Supreme Court: Nine turds that won’t flush
  • Amy’s unfortunate cocaine binge
  • The false economy of shallow graves
  • My Stockholm Syndrome for la Raza Cosmica
  • Honey, did you feed the dog… to the cows?
  • Dermatographia and princess Laxmi’s torn nightie
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