QWA #6: Ayn Rand edition, rated M for mature

Wednesday, 2 March 2005

Ayn Rand 33¢ portrait
ann rand is a cunt
Maybe so but English was her 4th language and she spoke and spelled better than you do, fucksteaks.
Ayn Rand cocksucker.
And the various men her life were never a bit sorry. Shame about that frigid-ass baggage of yours.
ayn rand is a bitch
And bitch is still what small men call women who go further than they can in life.
an untitled letter - ayn rand
She didn’t title any of these.
ayn rand crazy
So I let Crazy take a spin. Then I let Crazy settle in. Kicked off my shoes. Shut reason out. He said, “First let’s just unzip your religion down.”
ayn rand fourth novel
You’re probably counting wrong. Atlas Shrugged is the fourth and final. There’s also, We the Living (which has a funny side story about Italians, movies, and Germans for another time), The Fountainhead, and Anthem (which is not really a novel but a novella so in that sense there is no fourth novel).
dictionary ayn rand
Don’t mind if I do: Ayn Rand defined.
fuck ayn rand
I could be wrong but I don’t believe necrophilia is legal in New York state.
love and ayn rand
She had a very interesting view of love: part sacred act of life-affirming worship, part Nina Hartley chained to the radiator.
Ayn Rand primer.
I found a little Beaujolais always turned the conversation away from epistemology.
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