Egregious “Star Trek: Voyager” errors, #3

Monday, 10 December 2007

I know that I hurt a lot of feelings when I wrote this–

I’m sorry, Jeri Ryan is a dumb bitch

First off, I never said she was a bad actress, unattractive, or any of the other things which sent many of you over the UDP ramparts.

Second, there is nothing wrong with stupid. Stupid ≠ cruel. Stupid ≠ violent. Stupid ≠ ignorant. Stupid means that differential calculus is permanently outside your ken and that you need practice with a bus schedule before getting it right. Stupid ≠ bad person though common usage suggests else.

Third, there is nothing wrong with arrogant. Bill Gates could crow from the Space Needle that he is 1,000 times the businessman the rest of us are and 1,001 times businessman I am. It’s true. You just can’t let yourself get upset about true things if you want to maintain a decent mellow.

What is wrong, however, is boasting about things one hasn’t got. Ms Ryan, on national television, said that she was too smart to be a doctor. Which naturally leads one to an acting career with other luminaries of the intelligentsia like Gwyneth Paltrow and William Shatner.

Anyway, you should be aware of two things. Though I did not write she was less than attractive, I should have. And now we just need to say–

This is how you do it

Mirror, Mirror Uhura

And this is how you keep on doing it

Nichelle Nichols

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Re: Egregious “Star Trek: Voyager” errors, #3


By Webcomicjunkie on 10 December 2007 · 19:29

A is A

Re^2: Egregious “Star Trek: Voyager” errors, #3

Sigh. If only the applause were for me. Or if only Nichelle was or something.

By A is A on 10 December 2007 · 20:22