The End

Friday, 1 April 2005

Well, it’s been six and a half years, almost to the day, since went live. I like to think that even when we didn’t agree, we learned something from each other. I know I did and I’ll always cherish the memories I built here. That’s why it’s so hard to say goodbye, but it’s time.

This is the last post ever for and probably the last thing I’ll write online for a few years. I’ve accepted a missionary position—if you’ll excuse one final double entendre—in China. Not many people know that China has a deep and strangely glorious Christian history, least of all, the post-revolution Chinese. I look forward to bringing the Good News back in person and as I humble my heart I think I’m finally ready to live as I was meant.

Thank you all. You’ll be in my prayers.


04/02/2005 I talked it over with my demonologist and she says it’s bad juju for me to start a mission in the year of the Cock—plus I hear the Shanghai cops are cracking down on a few of my hobbies—so maybe the next scheduled slow boat.

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