QWA #9: potluck

Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Queries from the Weblog Addressed Queries are from our visitors. Answers are from our heart.

How young is she?
Cut her in half and count the rings.
a man’s pecker
You didn’t find it here because there is no such thing as I understand it. Legally, one must have controlling interest of a thing to be considered its owner.
sucker punch in the stomach
This is fine and works if the target is A) Relaxed, and B) Not muscular. It misses the whole point of the sucker punch however, which is to eliminate the chance of material reprisal. The solar plexus is a good target but we recommend the trachea or a straightened knee ahead of it.
Israeli Nude Brazilian girls
How did you get ahold of my dream journal?!
hong kong nude girls
And my diary?!?!
what was weather like in world war 2
Well, that was before global warming—machines were all steam-powered at the time and emitting no carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at all—so it was much colder. In fact when we go back in pre-history about 7,000 years to the time of the dinosaurs when carbon dioxide levels were 3-4 times what they are today we notice a perfect correlation in temperatures. The average daily temperature at the equator was 231°–no ice caps at all—and the seas were 7 miles deeper, completely covering all land and making the air rather thin from the altitude. It’s fortunate the Earth’s core was cooler then so the seas never quite got to the boiling point.
Three summer session, community college courses in biology, history, and physics would save you from the next person who does that to you. I just do it for fun. The next guy’s gonna take your money. If you’re lucky.
alphanumerics only in perl
Try perldoc perlre. Or try [^_\W] or [[:alnum:]] if you don’t have the attention span.
i am the bomb
You’ll have trouble making it to your gate if you keep announcing it.
What is the irony in the Great Taos Bank Robbery?
That you’re foolish enough to think it was so important as to be written up online so you could plagiarize for your midterms, Nancy-boy.
best guitar player in the world
Answered this already but let’s instead talk about the most overrated, just so you know they are nowhere near the best. The Effects-Rack Edge. Eric Clapton. Anyone who is played on college rock radio stations. Anyone who plays a Stratocaster other than Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. Yeah, I said it and I’m not just talking about Yngwie. And any player who does not play in at least one of the following styles: classical, flamenco, jazz, bluegrass, or metal.
“i will kill all americans”
All right. If you could stop at the Mississippi, that would probably suit us fine.
Oh– Which side? Well, whichever, really.
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