QWA #10: potluck

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Queries from the Weblog Addressed
white supremacy good
Rrrrr. Egalitarianism good. Redneck bad.
mexian words
How about pendeo grino?
internet is the devil
I would point you to goatse.cx for empirical buttressing, as it were, but it seems they forgot to pay their registrar. Ain’t that just like the Devil. Still, it’s a strangely sad day in Internet history.
celebrities against god
Better phrased as, “Nobodies against nothing,” don’t you think?
why worship the devil
I know I harp and it’s turning into white noise but fuck… The single evil deed the Devil commits in the Bible is to try to get Jesus not to take the T-ride. If anyone you knew were about to be voluntarily crucified, you’d try to talk him out of it too. Whereas God condones slavery, rape, and personally orders or carries out the murder of children almost constantly in the Bible; New and Old Testaments. Please take some time to stop talking about your second hand impressions of the damned book and read it. Why worship the Devil? is the wrong question to be asking.
what do you know about intercourse?
We’ll I couldn’t write a textbook but I can say if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong, and it’s in Pennsylvania.
It’s so hard to find good evil help.
who has clinical depression
Everyone. Just ask Pfizer. It apparently causes ADD in your children too.
supermodel mail order brides
I tip my hat to you, sir. I haven’t been able to get that drunk since I was 22.
dont’ blame me I voted for Kerry
Don’t blame me, I think you’re a self-deluded jerkwad who is willing to call gray and grayer, “Black and white.” Isn’t it nice when we don’t cast so much blame around?
glad the pope is dead
The Pope isn’t dead, moron. The Pope isn’t a man, the Pope is a costume, and all the graves in the world would have to be filled before there weren’t anyone willing to put it on.
whoa antonym word
That would be giddyup or maybe H’ya.
That’s not very funny. What a stupid fucking question.
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