QWA #11: white guys

Wednesday, 13 April 2005

“white man’s burden”
The term was coined by Rudyard Kipling in 1899 and used as a justification for Western imperialism. It is the offensive and paleolithic idea that it is the white man’s responsibility, being naturally endowed with greater capacity, to take care of the other races. For example, to provide minority peoples with increased opportunities for jobs and education. Thank goodness we’ve gotten over that dreadfully racist phase of history. No one today, black, white, Christian, or Muslim would insist on treating one’s differently white knight tinted fellows like imbeciles unable run their own countries or feed their own children.
images of white chess horses
I don’t know why I’m so nice to you people after what you did to my van. This white guy in particular is Mexican; given to me by my grandfather in 1978 as I recall.
how to destroy white countries
Lots and lots of CFCs would be a good start.
white man is the devil
I actually just took that off my résumé because I’m looking for a career change. Something service oriented I think.
summary of white supremacy
A bunch of unemployed pale guys, with the most dubious pedigrees, drop out of high school. They notice that people with a work ethic, like immigrants, are getting jobs and quality tail. They realize how dangerous this is to keeping an Iron Age status quo so they develop a theory that looking vaguely like George Washington makes you better than someone who looks vaguely like Booker Washington.
They proceed to prove how valuable and superior, well, supreme, they are by creating a utopian world where white American teens don’t have the highest suicide rate in the world and societal ills like domestic violence and methamphetamine abuse are virtually eradicated.
classifieds of ghetto booty black women seeking white men
I have no response to that. And I deeply resent the lack of replies to my self-same placement in the back of Harper’s last month.
proper word for white man
Oh! I love “Final Jeopardy.” What is… a person?
meaning of white pride
Simple. Taking pride in being white. Two problems. You can’t be proud of yourself for something you had no responsibility in. That’s called stealing or delusion or other things even less kind. Also, you’re not white.
Which brings us to…
white pride who is really white
Addressing the two in reverse order. That would be me, in spades, as it were, with the documentation to prove it. And the first part would be something I never even thought about having and not just because, as in every other race, for every Thomas Edison and Thomas Jefferson there are ten Ralph Naders and George Bushes.
soldiers of christ white supremacy
Y’all know Jesus was a brown eyed Nazarene Jew, right? The color of tea steeped in olive oil? Looked much more like Osama Bin Laden than James Caviezel?
white supremacy step by step
1) Get a DNA test.
2) Find out that you’re not white.
3a) Get on with your life, grateful for your newfound understanding that refraction indices have nothing to do with being human
3b) Have a 9mm thick lead filet for supper to resolve the conflicting emotions you now have from hating what you are and being unable to call it “pride” anymore.
white girl traitors
What? Because they date Latin guys, blacks, and the occasional rich Korean kid? Listen, Billy, if you’d shower every day, get your dental hygiene together, and stop dressing like a Jeff Foxworthy punchline, maybe one day a sober girl of any race will be interested in dating you. Till then you might be a little more cautious about throwing around the T-word because it reveals more about the speaker than the target.
white man who put on shoe polish on body
You might be looking for this: Black Like Me. And if you weren’t, you should have been.
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