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Tuesday, 19 April 2005

10 years ago today

10 years ago today a decorated hero who earned his Bronze Star in the Gulf War parked a banana yellow Ryder truck full of fertilizer in front of the Alfred P Murrah Federal building in OK City.


One hundred and sixty-eight. Nineteen children in a day care center.

12 years ago today

12 years ago today bungling federal cops who had tipped the Davidians about the coming raid gave up on 51 days of failing tactics and fired combustible teargas into a powerless building lighted by lamps and drove a tank through the flames, blocking all exits.

Seventy-five. Twenty-some children and teenagers.

0 years ago today

I could be spreading some word or some manure or some righteous diatribe and I probably could avert one murder or a score but I’ve been thinking about trophic cascade this week and it’s got me to a place where I may not even wish you a happy Hitler Day tomorrow.

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