QWA #12: why are some kids smarter than others?

Tuesday, 26 April 2005

why are some kids smarter than others?

Queries from the Weblog Addressed

Do you really want to know? I think you don’t but I’ll trust your motives. There are 2.5 reasons.

1) Genes. Some people just have better DNA than others. Halle Berry was born to be one of the most fantastic looking women in history; Chelsea Clinton was not. No amount of dirt or bad clothes could make Ms Berry unattractive. No amount of makeup or Armani could make Chelsea otherwise. Some athletes die of a heart attack at 35. Some chronic smokers live to be 100.

1.5) Diet. DNA is a blueprint, not a finished building. You could take the best work the Ghost of Frank Lloyd Wright could draft and build it with Soviet era cement and New Jersey mob labor. The finished building might look like the elevation but it wouldn’t be safe and it wouldn’t last. People who smoke and drink sometimes become centenarians, overweight people never, ever do. Diet starts in the womb. A lack of a single vitamin as a child makes you a disfigured cripple or blind or dead.

2) Nurture. I honestly think most kids, even those who get the short end of the genes, are born to be geniuses. The problem is, it’s really a trivial task to make a child stupid. Children are sponges, they absorb whatever is around them. All it takes to make a child stupid is to soak him or her in irrationality.

You would consider someone evil, and probably criminal, for raising his children to believe they were ruled by Martian overlords who reward faithful service with eternal life through their ultra-science and are one day soon coming to claim the Earth though they haven’t been seen in person for many hundreds of years and never left any evidence of their visits. You would expect the children to be idiots, incapable of understanding reality; unable to know what constitutes logic and proof or even justice and reason.

So you see how some of the IQ of America’s youth is being flushed. If you can’t see it, may I come in and give you the good news about our Little Green Saviors?

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