But KISS does suck shit

Sunday, 29 May 2005

Robert Plant is 55.I was distinctly hurt when reading in a Led Zeppelin biography that the then singer of Generation X, one Billy Idol, had said some unpleasant things to the band from the back of his motorcycle and called them dinosaurs. He was 20-something at the time but as he was born in 1955 and has just released an album, this guerrilla feedback isn’t weathering well.

I wanted to kick Billy Idol’s ass at the time. The way kids will. The way kids often did when someone scratched “K.I.S.S.” into their desktop, lightning bolt esses and all, in 7th grade in 1978 and the next kid over, having listened to the vinyl “Houses of the Holy” 6 times end-on-end the night before remarked “KISS sucks shit, queer-bait.”

It makes me a bit nostalgic and sad that the “shit” in the “______ sucks shit” is now a linguistic footnote.

Aside to Cameron Crowe: you really should have added the queer-bait on the end. It would have made the beating you took more satisfying in retrospect.

Robert Plant also has a new album out. Robert is 7 years older than Billy today. One of the best songs on “Mighty Rearranger” is Tin Pan Valley.

My peers may flirt with cabaret–
some fake the “rebel yell…”
Me—I’m moving up to higher ground–
I must escape their hell

So, it didn’t matter that I couldn’t kick his ass. I just want to make sure others are aware of the country ass whooping Billy knows he’s taking right now.

What a difference a dinosaur makes.

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