Live 8 = More money for Robert G Mugabe

Saturday, 2 July 2005

Dear Comrades:

Will Smith said something I don’t like to hear aloud tonight. It’s the same reason I love travelling to countries where I don’t speak the language. If I don’t understand what people say, I can’t hear the mean gossip, the trite pass-time banter, the historically ignorant politics, or the oblique manipulations. I can love a place and a people.

I wrote that better in a letter once.

I wrote a long thing about this all tonight but all I’m keeping is the title and the first line. You don’t deserve the rest. Which is to say, you haven’t earned it. Most’a you.

I’ve got nothing else. I’m sad that I still care about you tonight. It’s hard being in love with someone bent on suicide. My decision. Not trying to pawn it off. I’ll live with it till I learn to let it go.

Not posting the piece I wrote. I’m getting there.

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