Holy harping harpies, Batman

Saturday, 16 July 2005

The disturbing material in “Grand Theft Auto” and other games like it is stealing the innocence of our children, and it’s making the difficult job of being a parent even harder. Hillary Clinton
This lady’s disturbing acceptance of the dozens of affairs, public and private, of her husband is making the difficult job of being a wife even harder. Me

Plus, wasn’t there something in the news this chick was involved with… not so long ago. Something which every single media outlet, print and broadcast, was discussing 24x7. Something unavoidable even if you were a good parent who didn’t let your kids play “Mature” rated video games. Something even kindergartners were hearing about. Something about jamming one’s cock into a young employee’s mouth during office hours and blowing your load on her dress.

Where was Hillary’s outrage about lost innocence then?

I’d like to be so innocent as to believe we could elect a president who wasn’t a crook, a racist, a misogynist, or just a garden variety liar. Kids don’t know and can’t be expected to understand complex issues like Clinton tacitly sanctioning the genocide in Rwanda or his signing off on the Waco slaughter of children. They can understand that the president was a sleazy liar.

When Hillary didn’t divorce the guy she put her sanction and name to every deed.

“But, Timmy, the president didn’t really do anything wrong. It’s just a smear campaign—a full blown conspiracy—of the radical right.”

“But daddy, didn’t he lie about it? Relentlessly. Even under oath? Didn’t he destroy the reputations and careers of several other women making the same allegations who didn’t have semen stained dresses in their closets? Wasn’t he married through it all? Wasn’t he at work keeping a senator waiting to see him while a girl his daughter’s age was giving him fellatio?”

“Timmy, you just don’t understand politics.”

“So, Daddy. You’re saying everything he did is okay?”

“Okay, Timmy? Why it’s great. He’s a great president.”

Your kids understand that you’ve lost any ethics, outrage, or good sense because your partisanship is so intoxicated you glom onto any evil son of a bitch just because he wears the same Donkey you do and you’re desperate for the appearance of control and self-determination. A six year old could see he and his harpy were hypocritical, murderous grafters, why can’t you?

And mature video games are not making the difficult job of being parent harder, Hillary. They’re making the embarrassing position of being a shitty parent more embarrassing is all.

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