Sunday, 10 December 2006

Sundays are supposed to be cartoon days. You know me. I refuse to stand in the way of tradition.

Dino sketches

We’ll see if those ever get off the ground. I have scripts for a dozen or more but the cartooning just doesn’t come as easily as making fun of Jesus. Maybe because it’s much, much, much, much, much—E.B. White is doing 5,000 RPMs right now but Bertrand Russell is cracking a smile already—harder.

I’m taking suggestions for the title too. “Dinostories” seems a bit obvious. Anyone who suggests something better (in the comments) will get a free Devil’s Dictionary X shirt in the mail for Hanukkah.

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Re: Dinostories

... have a look at my ..i have birdy hands drawing on my annedoe my space , / ... your dino gathering in the kitchen on the over page is funny ,

By anne on 10 December 2006 · 14:09
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Re: Dinostories

..sorry i changed it , ..seriously .. redoodled ..and made a little film , of the birdy hands ....

By anne on 10 December 2006 · 19:12
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Re: Dinostories

oppsy ...that was a mistake .. now i have a couple of creepy guys ,yuk ,approaching me on my space one from seattle ,...time to go private ...

By anne on 10 December 2006 · 23:14
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