Egregious “Star Trek: The Next Generation” character development errors, #11

Sunday, 31 July 2005

Geordi La Forge—the “blind” man who wears a sophisticated sensor array, plugged right into his brain, that allows him to see almost the entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from infrared through ultraviolet and well into unspecified territories on either end—cannot “see” people lying, through walls, around corners by EM reflections on surfaces, radiation leaks, dangerous devices, distant heat sources, in the dark, traps, energy patterns from recent visitations, blood traces or any other hidden organic material which is easily visible under UV, or anything else that someone with very regular old, human, 20/20, visible light vision would also be able to see; except now and then when it is convenient to some plot contrivance.

#11.b: When all other sensor equipment is inoperable for some super science reason or another, his visor goes invariably and miraculously unaffected; except in this or that case when it is convenient to some plot contrivance.

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