Waiting for Goodinos

Thursday, 25 August 2005

Right now I look a bit like the manic-depressive phase of the Almighty in God: A Career Retrospective because I’m growing out my beard.

I’m one of those unfortunate artist types who can manage a nice van dyke but on whom a full beard looks like the mange versus the c 1965 Neanderthal-as-antecedent Time-Life® illustrations. It doesn’t look good and I don’t like it. But I’ve never had a full beard in my life so I’m sticking it out, as it were.

That’s my news.

There are an estimated one-point-one billion persons going online in the world today. That’s 1,100,000,000 persons in Arabic. I think the information in this post is valuable to approximately none of them.

I just really needed an excuse to post a link to Don’t Drink the Koolaid without looking like some retard blogger posting a link to something. At least I did it without writing about my cats.

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