Jesus, I guess I have to write something today, don’t I?

Sunday, 11 September 2005

The eleventh day of September 2001 CE was nothing but a bloody nose. I’ve said it before more than once. Katrina should have splashed some metaphorical water on your faces but I doubt she did.

I know you’ve come to count on me for generous helpings of seditious hagus and assorted gorgeous filth. Might be you should let that go.

I was reviewing things I’ve written here while I’ve been unable to write anything good enough to post. I noticed—to my considerable surprise, believe it or not—that I used the word “cunt” not once but twice in my first post on this part of the site, 3.5 weeks before the US got that bloody nose. Followed up with “pussies” in the title of the next piece, 19 days before It. Words that have no part of my daily vocabulary at all.

You people are pussies.

So prone to whine endlessly. Eternally. About this or that hurt which in fact had nothing to do with you. Buried in the Neverland of your useless parents’ inability to prepare you for death; for reality; for being men; for set-backs; for lack of surety in life; for chance vs human will.

When was the American spine snapped? Was it Clinton? Reagan? Nixon? FDR? Grant? Lincoln?

But it wasn’t snapped. That would have been clean; surgical. An exact motion that even the unsympathetic could have respected.

It’s been a slow self-strangulation. A snake eating itself ass-first; telling itself it’s just having a snack and will procure a real meal as soon as its energy returns and where’s my Xanax and Merlot?

Canada and Mexico sending aid to the United States of America?

Of course it makes me want to cry in gratitude for how fast our friends are; more than that—and you know what I’m going to say—it makes me embarrassed to be American.

You goddamn motherfuckers. Why do you think I refuse to lie? Why do you think I always pay my check no matter the cost? Why do you think I follow through on what I said even when I don’t want to do so?

It’s because I can’t stand to be ashamed. What am I supposed to do with you?

I don’t know what to say so I should probably have shut up but this is the 5th try from scratch at writing something about this and the buzzer’s up.

Oh, and where the fuck is the head of Osama Bin Laden?

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