Should the President be impeached

Friday, 16 September 2005

Nicer without the question mark. Should all phones wear black… Should fear come find you, feral northern sister…

A friend of mine, yeah, I said, “friend,” recently pointed out that the Gallup pollsters have thus far declined to poll on whether or not folk would care to see the President of the United States, George W Bush, impeached. I’m not linking to his site in this instance because I don’t want anyone’s rhetoric, least of all mine, cast at you before you vote.

I’m not going to discuss my own vote or link to an article I wrote on the topic 7 years ago because my views haven’t changed. This is about your view, my loyal readers (and searchers for non-existent child pornography).

Every page on the dailies has the poll in the sidebar. I’m probably just setting myself up to be embarrassed by how few will vote—and therefore how few actually read anything here—but there you have it. It will stay up until it ceases to be interesting or gets enough votes to call a game.

The two possible responses are printed in random order to avoid swaying fence sitters or getting into butterfly ballot recriminations.

update: poll is over, analysis of results is forthcoming.

update 2, 16 September 2010: Wow… that was a long time ago. Dog ate my data. The results—boiled down—68% of US IP votes were for impeachment. In other words, the right amount. I had some clever summation of it. Not so clever now, are you? I mean me. You’re fine. It’s not you. It’s me.

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