QueryLog.com: 1,000 queries and responses

Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Today QueryLog.com posted the 1,000th query & response. If you haven’t been reading there—and you don’t have a medical condition which prevents you from safely enjoying filthy mother jokes—you should be.

Let’s see if I’ve got any marketing left in me.

QueryLog highlights

Before the spinoff website, there was…

I recently noticed that only volumes 3 and 4 really have 50. Volume 1 has 47 and volume 2 has 49. Witness the results of a public school math education. Fortunately there are still careers open to those with weak math skills, like Java programming.

If you can’t make it through the intros to those or are unclear on the dealio, start with About QueryLog.

Now, here is the required reading for those too lazy to find the good stuff on their onlies.

Editor’s picks


Selected Christianity related



If you like Sedition·com and the Devil’s Dictionary X, you’ll probably like QueryLog too and it’s updated much more often. Bookmark it, grab the RSS feed, link it, mail it to your estranged mother to really get her goat along with a note that you’re turning her in for animal cruelty and she can soon expect a subpoena to really get her goat.

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