Is it “Blog Against Racism Day” already?

Thursday, 1 December 2005

Be Politically Correct! Dear friends, family, potential employers, and victims of this site,

My name is Ashley and it being Christmas time, and “Blog Against Racism Day” in particular, I have to get this out there at last. I hate whites blacks Arabs Asians Chicanos Canadians everyone.

It’s been a boring insufferable overlong dull hobbled pointless wretched dissatisfying life. Made all the moreso by family colleagues friends co-workers band-mates employers cops the Internet.

Today, I can barely leave the house without becoming enraged sad really sad depressed suicidal homicidal over the neolithic manners opinionated stupidity clumsiness dishonesty sense of entitlement displayed with pride everywhere around me.

In conclusion, I blame it on the Jews women mulattos gays Republicans crypto-anti-Semite PC commie bloggers who don’t think Sarah Silverman is funny you.

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