The case for inclemency

Monday, 12 December 2005

Update (1 December 2008), in retrospect, this piece is poorly done. It’s an extremely difficult issue… So let’s go on the record with a clarification of perspective entirely absent from the original below — President Bush deserves to be executed much more than Mr Williams did. Many members of many governments are worse criminals whose actions geometrically increase the pointless homicides committed by all the poor bastards in the world born into underclasses without good guides or reliable paths for getting out.

The many faces of Stanley Williams Stanley Tookie Williams III will be killed in a few minutes—while I write these words—it will read in the papers, “by the state of California.” but several men, human men, will actually be involved in escorting him, tying him down, and killing him.

I am against capital punishment. I saw a story on 60 Minutes about a fella who was on death row for over a decade. Who was served his last meal over and over. Who walked to die over and over. Who was given a stay of execution over and over. New DNA evidence cleared him. He’d been innocent the whole time. Every last meal he ate. Every time he walked down to die. Innocent.

Anyone who supports the death penalty should have to go through that once. I find the theory of a death penalty sound but I’ve worked in bureaucracies and they are simply built to make mistakes. Some mistakes aren’t okay and can never be justified with any arithmetic.

That said, Mr Williams should die and he should have done so 24 years ago when he was sentenced.

The term black community is inherently racist. The whole point of the term is to lump all black Americans together and imply they have the same ideals, dreams, problems, and opinions. It’s fucked up. Instead I’ll address black supporters of Mr Williams which inexplicably seems to comprise most, perhaps just the most vocal, black Americans.

How can you support this man? There is no single member of Congress or the Ku Klux Klan that has done more damage to young black American men than Mr Williams. All the obscene statistics about murder, drug addiction, and gang violence stems from the veins of this and a few other men.

Jesse Jackson says hope will die with this man tonight. Hope for redemption will die with this man.

Hope for redemption is the exact problem. Half the young bangers, crack dealers, and killers live on the dream that they can transubstantiate it and be redeemed like their heroes. Not Rosa Parks, Bill Cosby, Langston Hughes, Dr King, Michael Jordan, or Cpt Merryl David but Snoop Dogg, OJ, and 50 Cent. Not people who faced the world alone with indomitable spirit and courage but those who faced it with the disgusting bravado a weapon and a posse gives.

Seeing one of the founders of the Crips—who did commit and never repent a brutal and pointless quadruple homicide—receive redemption from society would only elevate the view that being in that place can ever have any validity. That dreaming of becoming something while in the midst of murder and slinging rocks makes it all okay.

Don’t let it even seem okay. Don’t put your name to this lie.

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