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Saturday, 31 December 2005

Miss me? Give it some time. That is what we call “foreshadowing” in the literary biz, kids. Not to be confused with foreshortening. Oh, dear.

Between the detritus and over-caffeinated, bullying peer pressure there are quite a few things here worth reading. More than not. So I say.


Entries proper: 290, inclusive ¶ Word count: 88,708 ¶ Visitors over last 12 months: 903,172 ¶ Page views: 2.2 million Top 100 Devil’s Dictionary X for 2005 ¶ Quotes in the margin: 259 ¶ Ad revenue: enough to buy a Playstation 3 but not enough for an hour with a $10,000 a night hooker (they simply will not haggle) ¶ Site sections we pretend don’t exist: 7 ¶ Online: 2,656 days (7.27 years)

Worth reading; so you probably won’t like it

Something a bit more about writersGenocide is a cheese sandwichFaulty Fuel Gauge Delays Shuttle LaunchThe tarantula in the canManaging nature right over the cliff10 steps to solve the problems with America

Race relations

Blog against racism dayRosa Parks and “what really happened”To live and die in the real LAAn incident at Santa Clara Hall

Mean to celebrities

Dear Halle Berry,Chelsea ClintonChristo’s contribution to art12 oz. Mouse is the worst show ever made (goes great with Tom Goes to the Mayor) ¶ Ann Coulter’s “Tripe”The 9 Circles of Hollywood HellGrabbing Dilbert by the tie

In defense of religion; I mean indefensible

Ten Questions to Ask Your Pastor, Reverend, Minister, or PriestThe virgin Mary before and the virgin Mary afterAnti-Christian is Anti-AmericanIntelligent Design proves Penn and Teller are GodThe anti-Christ, the anti-Christ, the anti-Christ … the anti-Christ40 acres and a ploughshareOkay, all kidding asideSunday school supplementsThe End: an April goodbyeI have a theory


Modest proposal for legalized tortureHow to destroy America; step by step instructions for Al QaedaThe argument’s over, jackassBenito and Clara hanging in a tree…

Must reads

An excerpt from my latest romance novel

Photographs & insects

Index to the insectsThis is my yard, suckersMagnolia


PBS KidsBaby “Einstein”why are some kids smarter than others?Your parents are gay, dudePrenatal diet: they told us not to breast feed too

Story time

Six sets of my suicide note, pleaseYou’re not as well liked as you think, TimWhat I said about his sisterHow to be supportive, lesson oneWhy I hate Barnaby (Jones)The most painful goodbye of my lifeThe Narc and Lawrence ChavezWinter rain FridaySleep is for pussies

Not very good but won’t be withdrawn

There are a handful I could mention but if I linked to them I’d just be repeating the original offense.


The 12 biggest problems with your blog10 things I wish someone had told me so I’m telling youHow to write a suicide note

Most popular

You guessed it: Young nude girls

The American Precedent

My Lai versus the worldAmericans are better at everythingDear George,Building Nuclear Weapons for DummiesIf they were up your ass you’d knowDon’t blame me, I voted for Kerry and I’m positive you missed the pointBush is not Hitler but you are


Index to the terror/threat level widgets

One more for the fans who made it this far and for those hiring a hit man out of the back of “Soldier of Fortune”

What I look like in Italy.

So now you have something to read, in the bleak and hollowing hours you wait to go back to school or work. See you in a few days or maybe even weeks. Did I say months? I meant months.

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