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Monday, 2 January 2006

Ain’t no doubt Vishnu missed you.
Then Kali kissed you.
Better get busy.
Days get shorter, air gets colder.
Tune on in to that NOAA radio.

–Clutch, “Gullah”

Taos is full of long term couples who aren’t married. They seem to do better than most of the married ones.

One of my favorite jokes around town was about one such couple — Joe Hoar and Peggy French. I think most people in town have heard the joke since the couple’s been together as long as I can remember. It’s the kind of thing that makes you believe in love. Together forever not for the sake of the children or to protect some silly piece of paper signed by the county clerk but because they want to be.

Joe’s the father of one of my friends, Alicia. We had a metaphysics argument one drunken poker night that nearly put Barnaby into therapy. Peggy French and Joe Hoar Alicia had my back once when it was really, really important. And I helped her one night her world came undone.

I’m only gonna tell the joke one more time.

There was speculation in town that Joe and Peggy might finally wed.1 Presumably, she’d take the name French-Hoar.

I’m never going to tell it again because it’s not funny anymore. They got shot to death yesterday by her son.2

1 January 5th, 2006, Alicia writes to say they did finally marry.

2 Caleb killed himself when the cops found him which was probably at the same time Alicia was writing to me.

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