Skiing and snowboarding compared without the exadjective

Sunday, 12 February 2006

What's Extreme Again?
Snowboarding Skiing
Speed 200 kph
(124 mph)
250 kph
(155 mph)
Inverted aerial maneuvers triple quadruple
Jump distance 40 meters 239 meters
Martini tree What? Thank you, Rhoda
Creators Pot-heads Vikings & Varangians
Firearms No Yes

Oh, yeah. You snowboard guys are hard core. Extreme. Totally out on the edge.

Here’s something your parents should’ve explained differently: everything seems much cooler than it really is when you’re frying.

Those new extreme moto-cross boys, however. Holy fuck.

Epilog: AKA, call me a liar to Marlene will you, John Strader, you goofy bastard?

TSV: Ash Pond

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