In your personal ad I see…

Friday, 17 March 2006

  • The three things your therapist and you agreed you were to work on in private.
  • A gleam in your eye the Concerta® could not erase.
  • Ambiguous marital status.
  • His shoulder where you cut the photo in half.
  • Your soul, the overripe color of an ’80s pop album.
  • A painful effort to select photographs with an algebra of weight, tan, sobriety, and cleavage.
  • Your irony, double negative, is pure defensive reverse-psychology.
  • Four dear girl friends whom you have slated to become dangerous adversaries.
  • The sacrificial lack of effort that has left you alone every morning since forgiving him wasn’t enough to make him stay another day.
  • Scripted traumas based on true history you use as a catalyst for desire.
  • “Interest in friendship” a plea to take it easy in the face of obvious and instant acquiescence to anything the most hardcore Eastern European pornography might recommend.
  • Scars that were etched deep in bone long before the Accutane® could smooth the surface.
  • Someone who’s eager to show off after healing from some reasonably priced elective surgery.
  • A ride with no lines.
  • An easy meal.
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