So I kinda have a crush…

Sunday, 3 December 2006

I kind of have a crush…

I kind of have a crush on this guy
xkcd who writes this awesome Internet comic. We have so much in common. I’ve never known anyone else who was as scared of deinonychuses as I am. I think we could be close.

But there are three problems with this.

  1. I’m married.
  2. I’m funnier than he is.
  3. I’m not gay.

So, I’m thinking about just stalking him.

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Re: So I kinda have a crush…

You write like a girl.

By jody on 13 December 2006 · 04:08

A is A

Re: So I kinda have a crush…

At least I have a boy's name, Jody.

…Oh, well… I…

By A is A on 13 December 2006 · 09:54