The new weekend

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Absolutely no one who writes a blog, journal, whatever should post on Thursday. We hereby declare it the new weekend. Well… between 11am and 4pm. That’s long enough. We wouldn’t want to be away from the Internet for too long.

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martin m

Re: The new weekend

Most of them new-fangled content management systems wull letchoo put a future postin' date on yer entry so you don't even gotta be around when you wanna post it.

So, you know, 'less yer all punditty and hafta make yer content all current eventsy and topical, ain't nobody gon' know when the hell yer really posting.

Hell, I ain't even really here right now. On Thursday. At 10:28 AM. Pacific time.

Also, yer fuckin' sof'ware tells me my website URI is "no good." The fuck's that all about? is a fine URI.

By martin m on 14 December 2006 · 17:38

A is A

Re: The new weekend

This one does too. I wrote that literary mater work 4 weeks ago. Before it was even in the news. Take that, Nostradamus!

If ad revenue on Thursdays picks up or some celebrity shoots another, I’ll come back. But not for flesh wounds. I want mortal. [Why doesn’t anyone use a mace anymore? That would be news.]

The URI check wanted a trailing slash (well, any path). It’s a bit overly pedantic. Don’t blame me, I don’t do the RFCs; well, I did one that will roll live in a few days but not any legitimate ones. I do agree that it should allow it. Easy fix, I think; also inserted your site manually so you don’t have to suffer the heartbreak of waiting. It should also <br/>s in <li></li>s but that’s not something that’s going to happen tonight.

I’ve been enjoying a few of the new haikus. Which is to say, I read them all.

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. King on the Hill! I mean, Captain Planet!!!

By A is A on 14 December 2006 · 19:56

A is A



Might finally get me off my duff to write the comment editor portion of the software.

By A is A on 14 December 2006 · 20:22