A list of things that are true

Sunday, 6 August 2006

I remember reading, in some marketing for Apple back in the day that Hank Rollins kept on his notebook computer, among other things, “a list of things that are true.”

He didn’t say what they were of course. It was an advertisement, not a political buy from David Horowitz. It’s also entirely convenient. “Things that are true.” Ohhhhhhh. He has a list of ’em. All I’ve got is some vague notion that celebrities, especially edgy ones, never need to back up claims that make even a deity blush from the lack of humility.

Now even though Hank’s 45, he could kick my ass, but even though he’s a rock star, I could teach him plenty about arrogance.

Here are some things that are true. Not from a list. Just from the Truth.

  1. Rashomon (羅生門)

Um… actually that’s all.

Well, no. It’s not. But that’s all one can feel is true in your company.

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