Workers discover chocolate Virgin Mary; milk or dark, remains to be determined

Saturday, 19 August 2006

Virgin Mary Butt Plug The AP tonight reports: “Workers discover chocolate Virgin Mary.”

This reporter wonders if the Health Department will treat future batches of congealed goo with more respect and fewer violations of code.

A tiny white circle … sits in the upper center of the creation… Cruz says the white speck is the head of the Baby Jesus as he is held in Mary’s folded arms.

Notice that even a Mary of chocolate is able to produce a white baby.

Yes, that image is something. That’s just how I imagine the virgin time and time again. Why I’ll say my faith is shooting right up. I know this picture will bring me peace and a good night’s sleep…

Oh, just click on the thing and spare me from further self-flagellation.

Dramatic flash back to another image you’d better be 18 or over to click on: Virgin Mary in the news last year.

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