The “This Clown” project –or– If I’d only known bagging on iTunes would make me popular

Sunday, 27 August 2006

I haven’t been insulted well, ever, and it hurts my feelings. This has been a topic of lament here before and in other items unpublished. I think I’m not trying hard enough. I’m irritating all the wrong people. Like the addict who wrote this. No one with any panache or flair for a turn of phrase ever goes after me. Just garden variety, toothless snakes.

It’s a only a token gesture but if you link to me, using either the home page — — or the “author” page — — and use the text, “this clown,” for the link, I will link back to you on this page.

I’m not asking for a blogroll or anything, just an inline, below the fold, straight to the archives clickable without any rel="nofollow" shenanigans. That’s plenty for what the goal. A Google bomb so the world will ever after—well, for the next two years anyway—know who is meant whenever anyone talks about this clown.

Sample prefab links if you’re in a hurry

Participants in the “This Clown” project

#1 from cofucius.

Your link back will appear here if you go through with linking me as “this clown.”

It’ll take quite a few of you to get me to number one for it:

I won’t rest until I get there. Or until I’m tired. I might rest then too.

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