A hearty salute to the honest marketing department of Sculpey®

Monday, 18 September 2006

Sculpey(r)This is a box of Sculpey®. It’s a really fabulous polymer clay. It’s easy to work and hardens with a short trip to a regular oven. No kiln necessary.

I salute the makers and marketing department of Sculpey® for their honest packaging. You can see some of the things possible with it on the box, including the blond fairy in green dress. The cross-eyed, dumpy, thick legged, mitten fisted, example of Bavarian inbreeding passed off as a fairy in a dress that would embarrass even the most fashion blind Junior Prom goer. This is a realistic—or what I would even call an optimistic—portrayal of what you’ll be able to do with Sculpey®.

They did not have to be so up front. They could just as easily have paid the superlative Katherine Dewey to use one of her figures made from Sculpey®. While her work is possible—obviously, she’s doing it—it would be the worst kind of lie to put pictures of it on the package. Like, for instance, substituting her version of the blond fairy with butterfly wings. This time—thank you, Katherine—sans parochial vestment.

Katherine Dewey: fairy
Oh, alright! Here’s what I’m able to do with it.

Nessy with Sculpey®

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