Is it just me…

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

WAR-L.I.N.E.… what?!

…or does this picture from the WAR-L.I.N.E. site turn you on too?

And while we’re on the site, let’s get physical.

Okay, first. WAR, for War Against Rape, has no abbreviation points but L.I.N.E., for Let it Never End does? I wish I had the tax dollars to support a war against amatuer copy-editors and typesetters.

Second, “Let It Never End?” So, you hope it never ends...? Rape? Ah, but we do need our wars don’t we.

War-Line is serious about fighting organizations that lend to pornography, destroy lives and families in our communities around the country. As you well know, nude/bikini bars and adult book stores are two organizations that cause much of the pain and suffering in our society. In addition, they tend to lead to sexual assault due to the “frenzy from aroused men” that frequent these locations.


Oh… I see. Rape is caused by pornography. In my life I’ve seen people destroyed by drugs, booze, love mismatches, family problems, lack of education, and domestic violence. “Night Trips” never killed anybody.

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