Current events quiz #1

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Santorum loses

Is this little girl crying because–

a) She’s so upset about the deluge of celebratory anal penetration pending all over Pennsylvania.

b) Embarrassed that she wore the same outfit as you-know-who to the party and no one told her.

c) Her father is the kind of thin-blooded fuckwad who uses children as political props.

Check out the boy’s thousand yard stare.

The tears could be because the state of Pennsylvania won’t be paying for the children to go to cyber-school anymore. Might have to go to one of those dirty regular schools where the cat-rapist queers have lockers next to yours.

Just to be clear: kids are not fair targets but I didn’t put them up on that stage. They’re gonna figure out who they should actually be mad at in a few years.

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