The problem with Sedition·com

Saturday, 18 November 2006

You don’t want this page, probably. Try instead the somewhat dated Reader’s guide. Or perhaps the new index if enough time has passed.

Which is to say, the public facing problem.

All the time I see little one-off things I’d like to stab quickly and be done with. Like Peggy Noonan some weeks ago writing how the final phone calls and messages left on answering machines from the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 demonstrated how crisis reveals the truest, and probably most endearing, qualities in one’s character.

No one said anything unneeded, extraneous or small. Crisis is a great editor.

I like Peggy, sort of. She is a very good writer and I can’t withhold respect or admiration for someone just because they’re sometimes terribly fucking stupid.

Those people weren’t in crisis. Those people were completely aware, with the certainty of dawn, they were about to die. That’s not a crisis. A crisis is when you have a choice to make. Knowing you’re about to die is the great epiphany bringer. Going to slaughter is the quality editor she’s trying to pin down.

Enough about the rest of you, let’s talk about my problem; which is I can’t just stomp that stuff like I would prefer because the software that runs this site is getting creaky. It’s also missing things I’d like to have, like podcasting hooks and comments. Which is to say, I don’t really want comments on the site, see #5 here—the 12 biggest problems with your blog—but I am aware that it would raise traffic and that is something desirable after all. The site makes Yuban money today. I’d have it make Kopi Luwak money going forward.

Plus, I have been using Google Analytics and discovered the site has a much larger dedicated readership than I thought and a lot of you have valuable feedback for me. For example, a blogger who recently linked to Sedition made this comment with the link–

totally nuts!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

I want more of those exclamation points. I want so many exclamation points that even Pat will be willing to come down off it. I want to churn out inside jokes like that with the rapidity of junior high gunmen. I want to be able to bash not one celebrity a week but three a day. I want to be able to finish a piece without a strong punchline and not have it keep me awake all night because I’ll have three more lined up the next day; unlike today.

Sedition·com will return when we’re utf8 and application/xhtml+xml compliant. This may or may not be any time soon.



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