This week in the news #24

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Top Hamas official: Kill all Americans

take 1

Ashley: Stupid terrorist! Be. More. Original.

take 2

Just to remark that I read the original transcripts and they were translated quite badly. He did not say, “Kill all Americans.” He used an inflected form of the genitive meaning, roughly, “land upon which American Indians live.” He was really just siding with about 10 US presidents and America in general offering his support for the genocide of any indigenous populations which stand in the way of freedom’s progress.

Rage Against the Machine rages at Coachella music festival

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini and Clara Petacci

[Zack de la Roch] also railed against the war in Iraq and likened Bush administration officials to Nazi war criminals.

“This current administration is no exception. They should be tried and hung and shot,” he said.

Solvej Schou, Associated Press

That’s why I’ve always hated these guys. That is so wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. You absolutely do not hang and shoot them. You shoot them then hang them. What the hell has happened to etiquette in this country?

Plus — quit stealing my material. All y’all are like 18 months behind on everything I post.

Fiery crash collapses Bay Area freeway

A gasoline tanker crashed and burst into flames near the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Sunday, creating such intense heat that a stretch of highway melted and collapsed. Marcus Wohlsen, Associated Press

It’s a conspiracy, man!!! We all know that there is no such thing as fire hot enough to make steel supported concrete collapse.

Oh, but the Lord loves Hisself some idiots.

Love plans to sell Cobain’s belongings

That doesn’t sounds like her. It seems so classless and desperate. Not whorey and grasping.

Employer beheads worker for not milking cows

There. Now we all know the actual definition of an overreaction.

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