Copy Queen Papers, part 1.4

20 marzo [1996]

What I Like About Letter Writing

by Ashley

Letter writing is one of my favorite things. I like letter writing for many reasons. For instance, letter writing is preferable to a job interview. This is so because you don’t have to prepare a résumé, you don’t have to dress well (or even dress), and if you are rejected you never really know it.

In conclusion, I like writing letters very much. This is because I don’t have a job but I do have an address book.

So, how’s America? Still lying through clenched teeth and slitted eyes? Europe is trippy. There are styles here of which I am vaguely aware but couldn’t write a treatise on. If that makes sense. There are crazy people here, just like in the USA. For instance, though I’m sure this was on the news, some pedaphile killed fifteen little children the other day on one of those emerald isles. Boy, talk about a wacky place!

Oh, I guess I’m still in the same mood. Whoops. What are you gonna do?

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