Copy Queen Papers, part 1.5

marzo 22 [1996]

“Elmer Gantry was drunk; gloriously drunk.”

I was in what was the most wonderful appartment I think I’ve ever seen earlier tonight. And appartment does have two “p”s in Italian so I’ll thank you to leave off the editorial.

I learned a lot today. I learned about strawberry liquor. I learned about pornos dubbed into Italian. I learned that there are still some Amiga computers floating around the world. I learned that I can design a new font in a day given the motivation. I learned that an advertising agency isn’t too serious about me. I learned some vocabulary. I learned that Orion is a wonderful writer; again. I learned that I have to get up in five hours and I’m drunk. So I suppose I should away. God Claude Van Dammit! Where’s an editor when you need one. Oh, yeah, I’m an editor.

There is a story from my favorite book I must relate tomorrow or in a couple days. I suppose I’m going to Bologna for the weekend. So I won’t write till then. Unless I take my computer which is kind of a hassle so I may not. I only have the strength for one bag after all. I’m not a young man anymore. Italy is interesting. I’ll tell you more when I’ve had some sleep.

Also I must sort out the friends involved and explain what is little better than a form letter.

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