Copy Queen Papers

These are a series of letters—currently listed down below this—I wrote to New Mexico from Italy and Korea in 1996 and 1997. Not even the level of personalization of form letter, they were written and faxed to the Copy Queen of Taos where I once worked and I bullied my former boss, Lisa Gordon-Romero, into making free copies for everyone and even calling them to pick them up.

I miss this. When I talk about having worked almost anywhere else, I say, “My boss…” When I talk about work at Copy Queen, I say, “Lisa…”

Joe Romero (the handsome, military buff who still looks young at 40), Pat, and I once took a huge job for the Pueblo that they needed by the morning but was really a 2 or 3 day job if there was other work too. We did it anyway. Pat has a family so she had to leave at the close of business but Joe and I stayed most of the night.

Lisa brought us bottles of whiskey the next afternoon. What has happened to this country that bosses don’t bring you a bottle of whiskey anymore when you bust your ass to make them look good?

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