“You know what? I am better than you.”

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Slow news day and I’m not sure if I want to publish The 99 Names of God (revised) and get a fatwa on me before my concealed pistol license is renewed in a couple weeks.

So, we’re now carbon neutral.

Green Web Site.

Strange thing is, I’m not even sure how I feel about it because it’s hard to see through all the poses and phoniness swirling around the global warming issue like so many bad hurricane predictions. I skimmed the website of the folks they buy their offset credits from and while some of it sounds great, much of it comes off as Orwellian marketsprak. Maybe they just have assholes in their marketing department. But what are the odds of that?

The entire dealio is real too because we just went 100% wind power [Ed: this is not actually a pun] at the home office. What’s a few thousand birds with cracked skulls in the name of protecting nature? Oh, uh…

Red Rock West, if you were curious.

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William Shakesweasel

Re: “You know what? I am better than you.”

"You see that? That's my automatic response to bullshit!"

As an actor he's no Lyle Lovett...but he gets my vote.

By William Shakesweasel on 10 May 2007 · 23:18

A is A

Re: “You know what? I am better than you.”

That’s the second scene I always think of too.

By A is A on 11 May 2007 · 09:50

William Shakesweasel

Re: “You know what? I am better than you.”

"Ok boss"

I think that should round out the top three...on to children's books.

By William Shakesweasel on 11 May 2007 · 17:53